SIDS and Kids SA provides safe sleep education and support services to parents, carers, childcare and healthcare professionals

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Childcare Professionals

SIDS and Kids SA provide specialised safe sleep training to the childcare sector. The information provided to educators is regularly updated to reflect current practices, trends and issues occurring within South Australia in relation to safe sleep.

SIDS and Kids SA training lasts for approximately 1.5 hours and each attendee receives a certificate of attendance. Any centre that engages SIDS and Kids SA to provide safe sleep education to their staff is listed on our register of safe sleep aware centres and receives a Safe Sleep Aware Centre sticker to display at the centre.

SIDS and Kids SA recommend that all childcare staff working with infants under 12 months of age undertake safe sleep training every 2 to 3 years. Regular training will ensure that staff are current and up to date with safe sleep recommendations and best practice.

Participant Feedback:

“Giving us strategies to use with parents was really valuable. I will definitely recommend this training to leaders in our sector to upskill educators and inform parents. Thank you so much.”

“Fantastic learning opportunity.”


 “The entire team found the presentation really interesting and it has stimulated great conversations and thoughts about how we do things.”

“The session was fantastic and our educators were really excited to feed back the information we all learned.”

“Definitely something I would recommend for every centre to do.”

For more information contact: or phone 8332 1066

Healthcare Professionals

In South Australia the Safe Infant Sleeping Standards apply to SA Health staff and are best practice indicators for all persons working/volunteering with parents with infants under 12 months of age.

These Standards require staff to be able to effectively promote and model safe infant sleep practices and environments and ensure that parents and caregivers receive consistent and accurate information and the opportunity to observe recommended safe sleeping practices.The South Australian Safe Infant Sleeping Standards closely mirror the guidelines for safe infant sleeping.

SIDS and Kids SA run “Understanding the recommendations for safe infant sleep” professional development sessions to provide healthcare professionals with a sound understanding of the SA Standards and the Safe Infant Sleep guidelines. These training sessions are suited to all healthcare professionals looking at updating their knowledge in this area of their practice.


Participant Feedback:

“A fantastic workshop. Everything I was hoping for and more. Thanks so much for providing this session.”

“Fantastic course. Lots of interesting facts. Will recommend to other work colleagues.”

“Presentation was easy to understand and pointed us in the right direction to gain further information.”

For more information contact: or phone 8332 1066


Expectant Parents and Grandparents

SIDS and Kids SA run safe infant sleep information sessions which are designed to provide expectant parents and grandparents with information so that they can make informed decisions about how they choose to sleep their infant, what types of products they may want to use and how to create a safe sleeping environment for their infant. The sessions are a great opportunity to ask questions and ensure that new and expectant parents and grandparents have the latest information on current recommendations for safe infant sleeping.

Participant Feedback:

“I was very pleased we chose to attend the session and would definitely recommend.”


“Thanks again for the information session. It clarified some things for us and we left feeling more settled”.

“Session was very well presented and information plus additional links to information was very clear. Glad we came.”

For more information contact: or phone 8332 1066


Safe Sleep Information

New and expectant parents, care-givers and the healthcare and childcare community can contact SIDS and Kids SA via phone/email/social media to receive information about safe sleep. This can include reassurance for new parents, or more technical advice for healthcare and childcare professionals.

Safe Sleep Trained Childcare Centres

Look for this sticker as an easy way to identify Safe Sleep Aware trained childcare centres.

We encourage all parents when looking for childcare for their infant to ask the question “Have the staff had safe sleep training?

To view Safe Sleep Aware Centres:

Safe Sleep Trained Family Day Care Educators

Look for this sticker as an easy way to identify Safe Sleep Aware trained Family Day Care educators.

We encourage all parents when looking for childcare for their infant to ask the question “Have the staff had safe sleep training?

To view safe sleep aware Family Day Care Educators :